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Jingles -Anishinaabe Bimishimo

Jingles -Anishinaabe Bimishimo

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Anishinaabe Bimishimo Pattern Jingles 100 pc,  Made in Canada, by Native owned business.

 To Émilie, the creator and designer of Anishinaabe Bimishimo,  the outer circle represents the world around us in full circle and the inner circle is a reminder of the full circle within ourselves. The tipi symbolizes home, family, where the heart is and the open tipi door welcomes ideas, hope, dreams, dance and people. The medicine wheel is a reminder to follow and never forget the sacred teachings including being humble, asking for help when needed and to show appreciation when it is given. Anishinaabe Bimishimo is written because it represents her and the feathers on either end. Feathers are used in prayer, for smudging, and in regalia.

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