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Color: White, Black, Sand, Tan, 
Perfect for beadwork, Nymo Thread is much stronger than cotton sewing thread. Nymo thread is easy to thread, lightly waxed and is the perfect choice for seed bead projects such as looming and stitching.  Size D threads measure 0.3mm or 0.012 Inch thick and are are appropriate for seed bead sizes 11/0 and 08/0 and needle sizes #11 and #10.  Size F threads measure 0.35mm or 0.014 Inch and are great for seed bead sizes 10/0, 08/0, and 06/0 and needle size #10.  Size 00 threads are small enough for size 15/0 <seed beads and size #15 beading needles.  Try to use the largest size thread permitted by your beads for the best strength.

The Sono thread was"Designed for beadworkers by Master Beader Sonoko Nozue, this nylon thread is strong enough that doubling isn?t necessary and it is difficult to pierce because it does not shred. Tangling is also minimized because it is non-clinging. It will fit on a #12 beading needle & works like a cross between Nymo and Silamide. Sold by the 100 meter spool."

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