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Shokota Pow-Wow Supply

Sinew -Simulated

Sinew -Simulated

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Simulated Thin Sinew

This lighter weight simulated sinew is much thinner than the regular weight and is designed for use on finer, more delicate projects. It also saves time, since you no longer have to split the heavier sinew down. Still extremely strong and the same, authentic color as genuine sinew. Ready to use

Simulated Sinew Round

Priced per 8 ounce spool; approx. 1000 feet of sinew.

This round simulated sinew (also commonly referred to as artificial sinew) is made with twisted waxy strands to form a nice round shaped thread. Because of this, it is much stronger than regular flat sinew. Certainly round artificial sinew is a better option for projects that do not require splitting the sinew into thinner plies. Ideal for stringing chokers and breastplates.


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