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Winyan Huska Coloring Book

Winyan Huska Coloring Book

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Artist:  Bill Brien

Winyan Hunska is a Lakota Indian Name that translates to TALL WOMAN.

Winyan Hunska refers to a Lakota woman named Geri. Geri's husband was inspired by his wife's courage, love, hope, and faith during her fight against cancer that her husband found a hidden talent that he did not know he had. That hidden talent was a love and passion for art.

The artwork found within these pages consists of Ledger artwork, animal art, Dakota Floral art, Chippewa/Ojibwa Floral art, Starquilt Star art, and Ribbon Skirt art.

This coloring book is meant to introduce children and kids to Native American artwork.

Have fun, enjoy, and get coloring.

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